Getting Started

There is no better way to penetrate the thrilling realm of top-level crypto investment and earn extra income with bitcoin than with Bitcoin Pot. And it could not be simpler, either.

1. Open your free BitcoinPot account

It could not be swifter to open your totally free BitcoinPot investment account. It does not matter in which country you reside, either – BitcoinPot Network prides itself on global customer inclusivity and so we welcome you to our ever-growing worldwide community of investors already delighted by our free investment account format. To sign up, just click Register and fill out your details. A second later, you’re all done.

2. Discover our services

We always would suggest that for your peace of mind – as well as enjoyment of the profits you are generating – that you read up on the subject of digital asset investment. For now, we’ll fill you in with the basics, which we assure is more than enough info to begin tapping into BitcoinPot Network’s profitability. As you keep using the platform, we guarantee your knowledge will improve exponentially until you are just as much of an expert as our team. Learn from them, from like-minded individuals in our community, from our social groups and many more resources we shall provide.

3. Launch an investment

All of your investments with BitcoinPot Network can be carried out simply and safely from your personal investment account that you just opened. The scale is simple: Those who invest in the platform get changing amounts of interest, from 5.1% to 25.5% daily depending on investment amount and plan. Deposits to your BitcoinPot Network account can be made in BitCoin as well as Ethereum, LiteCoin, BitCoin Cash, perfect-money.

4. Withdraw your earnings and capital at anytime

Every BitcoinPot Network investor can enjoy withdrawals at any time they are desired. There is no minimum withdrawal amount and there is no fee for withdrawals. Withdrawals in BitCoin are instant, other cryptocurrencies may take up to 24 hours to reach your account. User can withdraw their capital and interest (total value) at anytime.

5. Join our Affiliate Program

BitcoinPot Network affiliate program aims to offer a win-win model for those who invite their colleagues to the platform in pursuit of earning commission of referrals’ deposits. Appreciating users who collaborate and expand BitcoinPot Network network, the platform offers a commission of 30-15% or 20-5% depending on the investment of their affiliate.

6. Bounty Campaigns

On top of that, we present a sequence of Bounty Campaigns that enable all users to gain extra awards by completing the tasks listed on our Bounty page. Check it out!