"The only risk about digital asset investment is not to invest on time."

- Renio Medeiros - CEO

We, Bitcoinpot Network, are a team of investors and traders with years of expertise and accurate forward vision in valuation, provide both the digital asset and risk management. Pioneered the successful implementation of both the technical and fundamental analyses approach on cryptocurrencies, we partner with management teams and industry/company leaders to provide on the mark market insights and strategies.

Introducing Bitcoinpot Network Platform

We bring our expert-level knowledge and experience of the blockchain industry and crypto asset management for those who wish to avoid risks and concerns of investing in cryptocurrencies or those who have limited knowledge and experience of investing in general. Loyal to our investment beliefs and principles, our core value proposition is to offer people a tailored service that requires minimum time and effort.

Diversified Portfolio

Bitcoinpot Network team takes diversification as a trading principle and invest in various cryptocurrencies. Platform delivers monthly reports consisting of strategies, and overall market evaluation.

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Accessible, Simple & Secure

Bitcoinpot Network is accessible from all platforms. Multiple payment methods are available while users never sacrificing the security of the capital. Even for beginners, our customer service will be ready to help 24/7.

No Exit Fee

Bitcoinpot Network platform offers users the ability to have control over their capital. Users are free to enter and exit without any time restriction and consequently, have no obligation to pay a fee moving their capital.

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The Team Behind Success

As an investment team, Bitcoinpot Network employs an Investment Committee (IC) which identifies the significant areas for growth across the digital asset ecosystem. Our team comes from an extensive and dynamic background of investment banking, funds management and market analysis. Working in a diversified investment methodology, placing a portion of liquid capital into speculative assets, whilst also gaining a balanced exposure to top market cap cryptocurrencies and derivatives.

Renio Medeiros / CEO

10+ years of investment banking, equities trading and small cap research. Investor and advisor with an extensive history in venture capital with proven knowledge on those subjects: Economic & Financial Modeling, Derivatives Product Development, Asset Management Strategies, Algorithm Design & Development, FX & IR Product Development, Business + Tokenomics Modeling & Forecasting, Data Analysis.

Elisa Adisa / COO

10+ years of experience as a business consultant requiring advanced level in business space. Here are the his fields of expertise: Structured Products Valuation & Modeling, Financial Engineering, Derivatives Products, Fixed Income, Structured Products, Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning, Data Analysis & Visualization, Business Modeling, FX- IR- MM- Bonds- Risk Analysis & Valuation, X & IR Derivatives Structuring & Valuation.

Ryan Adriano / CTO

15+ years of software development in telecommunication sector. Expert in cloud and CRM systems and have deep knowledge of enterprise level software security requirements. Here are the other subjects of expertise: Distributed Ledger + Blockchain Analysis & Development, Algorithm Development, Data Structures & Optimization, Computational Bio- Analysis, Automation Systems, Smart Contract Development.

Bitcoinpot Network business plan contains extensive details about the company, problem & solution statement, concerns on cryptocurrency investment, platform offerings, bounty & affiliate programs, market analyses, and portfolio arrangement. The transparent approach speaks for itself. Read all the details about Bitcoinpot Network platform.
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The road to Bitcoinpot Network’s launch has been a thrilling journey for everyone involved.
From our executive team to independent contributors, every role has been vital in achieving the world’s leading digital asset management.

November 2016

Bitcoinpot Network idea is conceived by Renio Medeiros.

August 2017

Team gathered and initial negotiations about digital asset investments has been started.

October 2017

The Bitcoinpot Network concept enjoys a strong reception when presented to shareholders.

December 2017

Researched based investment strategy development took place in addition to the expansion of advisory board.

February 2018

First meeting with industry leaders and traditional investors to evaluate the adapted investment methods and discuss cryptocurrency market.

March 2018

Technical development of the Bitcoinpot Network platform has initiated.

June 2018

Invitations are sent to investors, analysts and traders around the world to become a part of Bitcoinpot Network investment squad.

July 2018

With platform development complete and the investment team assembled, Bitcoinpot Network team announced the business plan and the launch day.

September 2018

Platform officially launches, welcoming the public to invest to get dynamic interet return over a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio.

We've written a history with our team. It's time for the future, this time with you.


Now is the best time to start investing in your future with bitcoin. Take a step towards cryptoasset and accumulate guaranteed interest return with Bitcoinpot Network platform.