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Grow your finance with Bitcoin.

The safest, smartest way to invest in the world's most resilient money.

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Put your Crypto in pure Autopilot.

Autopilot system

Bitcoinpot's autopilot system automatically detects switches between rapid growing cryptocurrency increasing profit yield every second.

Protect what matters

Bitcoinpot's proven security ensures your bitcoin stays safe. your personal informations are never shared with third parties

By switching to the most active crypto available in your grid, bitcoinpot is able to increase capital every milisecond by corresponding fraction.


Basic Plans

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Lets earn your trust, lets show you the power of our grid.

Give your bitcoin superpowers.


Earn $2.00 Daily for 3 months
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The safest, easiest way to get started with Bitcoinpot.

Why not control of your wealth.


Earn $4 Daily for 3 months
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Become a part of our grid, unleash the full power of crypto.

Dedicated Client service.


Earn $7 Daily For 3 Months
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Premium Plans

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For those who wish to become crypto piooners .

make withdrawals anytime


Earn $500 Daily for 14 Days
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Grow income like a pro and pile up your cypto portfolio.

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Earn $1,000 Daily for 14 Days
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For investors who understand the pros of future planning.

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Earn $1,200 Daily For 1 Month
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How's it possible.

Designed by renowned Bitcoin and privacy experts, Bitcoinpot’s unique autopilot grid system uses blockchain technology which allows users to entrust their crypto to our grid system which auto-exchanges (switch) between high yielding cryptos increasing its value and and worth in real time in respect to number of grids available in their account/system.

Bitcoinpot's Grid Model
Bitcoinpot protects your Bitcoin chart

Join the next generation.

Bitcoinpot ensures its users that when the time comes, you and your loved ones have secured a place in the ever changing crypto revolution and wealth .

Our team is here to secure your legacy and guide you through every step of the process.

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Bitcoin has a steep learning curve. We’re here to flatten it.

Bitcoinpot's Platinum membership comes with the chance of giving our investors access to our autopilot grid softwares and other partnership on and completion of incubacy period and affiliate tasks.


Our expert security team keeps you, your personal data and finance safe and up to date.


Bitcoinpot’s team is available round-the-clock via phone, email, and encrypted chat.

Easy to use interface

We have provided users with an easy to use and simple interface to help you understand better.

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Earn more grids and increase your grid output by referring friends and family.

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Get briefed on news + developments impacting your bitcoinpot grid.

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Bitcoinpot’s autopilot grid system is a powerful blend of crypto market spike detection system, exchange and its team's resilience which vastly outmatches any other bitcoin investment system in the world.

Nic Carter Investor

Nic Carter

Partner, Castle Island Ventures
Cofounder + Chairman, CoinMetrics

Bitcoinpot blends user experience and security best practices to create a solution for a wide range of cryptocurrency HODLers.

Meltem Demirors


Gotta love how Bitcoinpot actually ships, ships consistently and ships quality. Others take notice.

Peter McCormack

Host, What Bitcoin Did + Defiance

Don't let personal insecurity hold you back.

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